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The 6 Best Business Ethics of Mahatma Gandhi That Will Elevate Your Business Growth

I personally believe that achieving independence would be a tough task for the Indian people without legendary personalities like Mahatma Gandhi. Gandhiji is being termed as the ‘Father Of The Nation’ due to his unmatchable leadership qualities. The more I went in deep in his philosophies, the more I came to know about his ingenious qualities which were not only limited to the independence of India but one could also relate them to entrepreneurship, self-improvement, and mastery.

Being an entrepreneur I have always focused on growing and developing myself along with the company. So, I thought to share a collection of Gandhiji’s ethics that has helped me grow my business in several ways. These teachings will be helpful to you in every obvious manner. So, just hop in and dig for intriguing thoughts and grow your business at an unbelievable growth. 


“ Sanitation Is More Important Than Independence.” 

It is known to everybody how much Gandhiji had an emphasis on cleanliness. This quote itself is real proof of his deep belief in having physical as well as mental cleanliness. I believe that having a ‘clean’ mind and a ‘clean’ purpose is what really matters to the overall development of business. Hence, one should always have an authentic purpose while establishing or building any business.


“ Customer Is Our Most Important Visitor On Our Premises. He Is Not Dependent On Us. We Are Dependent On Him.”

This thought of Gandhi has almost transformed my vision towards a customer. He believed that one should always treat the customer as the purpose of our work and not an interruption. The most catchy thought of him says- ‘We are not doing him any favor by serving him. He is doing us a favor by giving us an opportunity to do so.’ 

What an amazing thought? Isn’t it? Gandhiji was one of the humblest personalities on the earth planet I ever saw. However, according to me, one can achieve success in his/ her business by considering customers as God and by intermittently striving hard to deliver best-in-class benefits to the customers or clients. 


“Your Future Depends On What You Do Today.”

Today’s competitive world seeks for continuous innovations. That is why it is essential to build your skillsets that will increase your demand in the market. For such a scenario, I suppose, Gandhiji must have said this. Initially, it may seem harder to apply the best habits or activities but, it will definitely give you huge results in the future. Hence, every business should consider doing superior things today that will reap sky-touching benefits for you!


“Leadership Means Getting Along With People.”

Me being a leader keenly follows this tact. It is a genuine quality of a leader to walk every step towards success with a group of people or in general terms, with a team. It is aptly said that if you wish to go fast then, walk alone. But if you wish to go far, walk together. Gandhiji had great faith in incorporating unity among people that made him an ingenious leader. 


“ It Is Difficult But Not Impossible To Conduct Strictly Honest Business.”

I strongly believe in doing honest business that will have an essence of contentment and not betrayal. However, this seems to be difficult in the starting days but once it gets into your veins, you will be habitual to it. And then, nothing and no one can ever pull you back in terms of delivering honest business.


“The Best Way To Find Yourself Is To Use Yourself In The Service Of Others.”

Gandhiji’s quote is an amazing method that calls us to explore ourselves. He always believed that you can identify every loophole within yourself if you use yourself to serve others in the best way. I started implementing this method in the initial days of my business and I received unbelievable results. When I started thinking in-deep about my client’s requirements, I gradually started noticing what best I can give and where I need to improve. 

These are among the prominent thoughts of Mahatma Gandhi I have gathered that stands with me all the time as a mentor. Not just collected but incorporated in my personal and business life as well. Whenever I feel stressed and confused, I dwell on these legendary ones. And they undoubtedly show me the right path. Truly, he was a man with strong ethics and willpower with which he easily confronted the major stumbling blocks during his tough period and came out with outstanding results for the country.

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