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Tips And Tricks For An Effective Work From Home Routine – This Will Help You Organize Your Self During Lockdown.

Let’s Face It, at the beginning of this never-ending lockdown Work From Home sounded like a dream come true! Sitting in our PJ’S or Tracks on our Couch with the TV on and working comfortably was the new normal. However, after 6 months of this new normal, we are bored to death and unmotivated! Our weekly routine involves Waking Up, Working, Cooking and Sleeping. Sometimes thanks to our laziness we drag our workload throughout the day and night and it becomes a working every minute situation.

If you are facing these Work From Home Woes then the below stated 10 tips to help you turn your woes into joys and Work For Home Will be a true luxury. So Let us Get Started:




I cannot stress the importance of a good and healthy morning routine. This routine is what is going to make you feel motivated and happy throughout the day. It has to be good and the best part about it is that you can decide the kind of morning routine you want! A productive morning routine involves you:


  • Wake up as soon as the alarm rings! No snoozing the alarm button.
  • Working out or Performing Yoga
  • Mindful Meditation
  • Reading or Watching the News or
  •  Listening to music
  • Eating a healthy Breakfast
  • Taking a Shower


A productive morning routine is bound to make you feel energized, motivated and ready to conquer the day!



I know you feel like wearing your pyjamas or tracksuits while working from home but that is a big NO! Dressing in homeware will make you lazy and will let your brain into holiday mode. Dress appropriately like put on your favourite T-shirt or shirt with a cool pair of jeans. Something which will get your brain into work mode. Wear a formal shirt over jeans so that whenever you are hanging a video conference there is no need for you to change.



It is A must! When you are working from home, the distractions are infinite. You can go Instagram anytime you want, check your friends facebook stories or Instagram posts and watch the latest news or even a few episodes of your favourite TV Show. It is wrong as this will not only make you distracted but also lazy and you might not feel like continuing to work. Reading News related to CO-VID19 will put your mind on a red alert mode! So to avoid the panic, schedule your new access time. Read or watch the news before or after work.

You can also go through the news when you take a break from work like while having your lunch or drinking a cup of tea.



Planning Your day is another must. Keeping a schedule and sticking to it will let you have a productive day. The best way to plan your typical work from home day is by following the Zero-based calendar method. This method involves you to account for every single minute. By creating a Zero-based calendar you account for everything you do in a day. You can create this calendar on your phone, laptop or journal. Allot time for every task. Be it your work, personal time or social media time set clear expectations from the designated tasks. You can schedule your calendar a week or day in advance to avoid any hassles. The zero Based calendar method helps you in two ways:


  • You get to analyse where and how you spend your WFH Day.
  • You can reassign or create new routines with the help of the calendar. Find your routine inconsistent? Change it and add more productive tasks with this method.





The biggest advantage of working from home is that you can plan your whole day according to you. You can work at a time well suited for you. Some people function better at night, some at afternoons or some early mornings. You can find during which time of the day are you most productive and work at that time. It will help you enjoy your work and work faster too.


TIP#6: Create A Workstation At Home:



When I say workstation, I do not mean a typical desk and chair workstation. A Workstation can be any corner or part of your home. It can be your dining table, study room or even your carpet-covered floor. Avoid making your couch or bed your workstation as this will only lead you to fall asleep! Pick a corner of the house where you can work quietly without distractions. Also, stick to the same place every day, never work from different spots or change your workstation as it can hamper your focus and productivity. Use your workstation only for work and nothing else. Having a workstation will increase your productivity and focus and motivate you to work.



Working From Home can cause many distractions. Kids playing around the house, your pet running around, wife/husband watching tv, unnecessary conversations, etc. These distractions cause you to have a slower work rate. For avoiding distractions, it is best to let your family members be it your parents, spouses or friends know that you are working and cannot be disturbed unless its an emergency. Also, try and make a separate room as your workstation so that you can close the door and work. Make sure your workstation is quiet during a video call. Be clear to your family members that they cannot disturb you during your work hours. Schedule your family time after finishing your work.


Since you are working from home, you might increase your binging habits and start eating unhealthy foods like burgers and pizzas. Further being at home the entire day can make you feel lazy and eating unhealthy food will add to the laziness. Therefore, it is important to stay healthy. Staying healthy does not only mean eating healthy food, it means following a disciplined routine of exercising and eating healthy. Try and have home-cooked meals. If home-cooked meals are not possible, then either call from healthy places or tie-up with a home-cooked meal tiffin service. Exercise is a must, try and exercise in the morning before you start working. It will increase your concentration and uplift your mood. Further, snacking on fruits or dry fruits while you work will also help you in staying fresh while working.



Another privilege of working from, You can listen to your favourite songs on blast during any time of the day! Try and create work Playlists for improving your concentration and lifting your mood while working. However, do not listen to something too romantic or sad or something which will distract you from work. Try and listen to soothing background music. Try to match your music playlist to the kind of work you are doing. For tasks requiring a lot of focus try some classical or jazz music. For boring tasks like working with spreadsheets listen to something funny and upbeat.



You and your coworkers are far away from each other. It can make you feel isolated or lonely and lost too at times. It is important to stay in touch with your coworkers while working from home. You can do this in many ways. If you and your co-worker are working together on a project, make sure to video call them for discussing project-related details, and coordinate with them at all steps. Try keeping a zoom night every Friday or Saturday night where you and all your co-workers meet up and chat online about the week, work-related stuff and spend some quality time with each other. It will keep you connected with them and also help you feel like you are still “working”.

It will also help in building stronger relationships among your coworkers.

Working From Home during the Coronavirus Pandemic has been a life-altering situation that has affected almost all of us. It can be very difficult to keep up with the same motivation every day, however following the above-stated tips can make your Work From Home Life Fun, Productive and Healthy.



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