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Google ADs Innovations 2020 – (Innovation during covid 19 by Nirlep & Dharmesh)

First, Let’s Take a Look – Google ADs Innovations 2020


Advertising Week 2020 saw Jerry Dischler, VP, Google ADs make some interesting announcements. He announced new product innovations in Google ADs intending to accelerate the Digital Growth of Every Business.

So in the next few months and the coming year business owners will see product innovations related to the following areas:

  • Insight Innovations:


An important Google Ad Feature the insights page is in for a complete makeover.

The new insights page will help business owners explore custom insights for their businesses. It will include a trends section for products and business-specific services, audience forecasting and competitor insights, and many new and improved features. The new attributes will help business owners improve their existing products, add new products, and explore new opportunities.

The Insights Beta Page will be out in a few months.

  • ¬†Automation Innovations :


The Automation feature of Google Ads helps business owners in creating perfect customer-oriented ads. The Smart bidding feature and smart creative solutions use machine learning for analyzing the signals in real-time for displaying the right ad to the right customer at the right time.

The New Performance Max Campaign Feature will be one step ahead of its predecessor.

The new Performance Max campaign will be a one-stop solution for buying Google ADs across all inventory. Equipped with many features like greater inventory, new reporting insights, a goals-first approach for campaign automation and new guiding ways of how automation is the perfect choice for your business. It will be the most comprehensive solution for driving conversions and revenues beyond search. It is in the Alpha version and will roll its Beta Version in 2021.


  • Video Action Campaigns



Video watching time has increased drastically, owing to the Pandemic. People being at home has led to a huge increase in watching videos, especially on youtube. Global watch time has increased by 200%.

Taking advantage of the increased video watch time, Google has introduced video ads on connected TVs. The greatest advantage of the feature will be that all advertisers will be able to drive all conversions across youtube and Google video partners from a single campaign. Business owners no longer have to create multiple campaigns and can rely on one single campaign.

Video Action campaigns will be coming out of Beta in the coming weeks.


  • ¬†Measurement Solutions


Google is building comprehensive measurement tools that are trustworthy and easy to use. The new Google analytics properties give you a customer-centric measurement approach across your app and website. The new analytics feature will help business owners know more about their customers. New metrics like Churn Probability will help business owners identify new customers and engage with them.

Measurement strategies are a must for every business.

The Pandemic turned the business world upside down. Many businesses shut, got digitized and even new businesses were


Website: https://www.desisparkle.store/

Opened. If you look at the positive side of the pandemic, you will see that it has allowed businesses to explore the digital sphere and open their doors to new customers.

It has allowed the new business to shine and grow.

Many business owners have used their innovations to survive and received tremendous results out of it. My brother Dharmesh and Me too started a new business during the pandemic.

We both wanted to help the people of our society in some way and help them become financially stable during the pandemic.

It is when Desi Sparkle was born. Our Clothing Brand Desi Sparkle is a 100% desi brand giving housewives of Indian villages an opportunity to earn and become financially stable.

Being a pandemic business, it was entirely digital and Google Ads helped us promote our business online.

The first month saw us sell 70+ clothes online!

We must not give up, instead try and grow in the pandemic.

The new Google Ads product is going to help every business owner grow their digital footprint and change the way businesses work online.

It is time for every business be it big or small to get Digitalized.




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