Why Did I Choose Digital Marketing As A Career?

My time was completely different

In today’s Digital World, Where you can see that every single business requires a Digital platform to perform better in this competitive market, Every interviewer is prepared with proper certification; There are many private institutes available to provide training in Digital Marketing, Even colleges offer digital marketing training and courses to students.
My time was completely different; see the image of Google Search. You can imagine that few people were working to build this industry, and we are one of them. I’m talking about 2004-5, No course, No certification, No Experience. However, the initial days were outstanding. Let’s rewind the memory.
I didn’t Choose Digital Marketing….. Digital Marketing Chose Me!
I was passionate about digital marketing, and digital marketing is in my blood, No not true at all. I did not select Digital Marketing, but Digital Marketing chose me.”
I started my career as an IT (Hardware and Networking) trainer.

My brother Dharmesh Patel introduced me to SEO.

At The time, I couldn’t understand what he was doing, and he was Always saying one word that he was doing web promotion. When I asked him the same questions again, he said, “Google pe ranking upper late he.”

Nirlep Patel & Dharmesh Patel
He grew frustrated as I kept on asking him several questions.
When I heard this, I became curious and started asking questions, and he gave me a basic understanding of SEO.
One day he said to do it on your own, so you get a better idea about the search engine algorithm. Which was the golden word for me; that’s how my digital marketing journey started.
My First Client : You will never forget your first client. When I met Mr Uday Shah, The CEO and Founder of the HEM Corporation (https://www.hemincense.com/), His daughter was studying at my institute (Graphic designing). He just wanted to meet the institute manager about his daughter’s progress; while discussing, he asked me more about my plans. Hence, I told him about my dream of starting an internet marketing business where we would promote businesses online. (Before that, I had no idea about his business or who he was)
I like to meet people who understand future essentials, and Mr Uday was one of them who understood the future (Marketing) needs. And indeed, people who accept future needs never turn back. He called us for a meeting, and we showed him the presentation that we had prepared., I still remember the deal cost. It was around 20k for six months (in 2005-06).
My First Rejection: “Who’s Going To Use Google?”

You can learn only when you face rejection or objection. An offline media company called me for SEO services. The person was curious to know about online media/marketing, and after listening to me, he felt that this was making a fool of other people; he asked who was going to Google and search, or using the internet etc., for the second it came in my mind that he is right and I might be in the wrong field 😂😂, It’s cool 😎 when you proved wrong with your consistency efforts. Believe yourself, then only others believe in you.

Today when I saw this Video about Digital Payment :

Why I Chose Digital Marketing As A Career : The Truth
Of course, for money. When I was at the early stage, I realised that when you do a good job and see the client’s happiness, you forget everything and would like to focus on doing the best job for them.
With my experience and continued research today, I’m working with 125+ teams with 1000+ customers worldwide.

Nirlep Patel

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